Who are we?

The Artist Expedition Society is part tour company, part experimental artist community born from a desire that many artist share: to have experiences in nature and the outdoors, to document some part of those experiences through art, and to share that art as a tool to communicate something about those experiences. 

The Artist Expedition Society’s mission is to provide space to consider our relationship to place, nature, and designed environments. Our trips encourage you to apply your own creative practice to remote environments, and our exhibitions share a part of those experiences. 

Who is AES for?

The Artist Expedition Society is for anybody who is looking to connect with the landscapes of our planet and respond to them in a creative way. 

We support artists and facilitate space outdoors to make work, and enjoy hosting exhibitions. On our tours, we spend time getting to know a place well, and use the process of conventional and non conventional art making to look more closely at the places we visit. 

Having a relationship with art and/or design will help, but we welcome beginners with an open mind to our trips too.  

Our trips are open for solo travellers and people travelling in groups. 

When you come on a trip with us, or collaborate with us on an event, you become a part of The Artist Expedition Society.

The Beginnings

The Artist Expedition Society was thought up by Anna Dakin during her time at The Royal College of Art. Anna’s long term love affair with Central Australia led her on a creative journey that saw her own artistic practice evolve through unanticipated forms. Her experimental outlook on art and life is the foundation of the Artist Expedition Society’s philosophy. 

From the UK to Australia, Anna personally operates all Artist Expedition Society tours and experiences, and coordinates the AES events. Reach out to Anna if you are interested in collaborating on an event, chartering an Artist Expedition Society tour bus, or having a big chat about art, the landscape, and what it means to experience. 

Contact Us

Please get in contact with owner operator Anna Dakin with any enquiries about trips you’ve booked, trips you’re interested in, or hiring us for a private charter. We are keen to work with corporate groups and can facilitate tailored creative development and team building experiences.

We are often out of phone range during trips. If you can’t get through by phone, please email your name, phone number, and enquiry to Anna and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Email: anna-dakin@hotmail.co.uk

Phone: +61 (0) 477 223 011

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