We take artists outdoors

Taking your creative practice into an outdoor environment changes the context of the work, and changes the way we think about it. 

We are all connected to Planet Earth, but the spaces we live and work in are often intentionally disconnected from their surrounding environment. The Artist Expedition Society is all about exploring the complexities of our relationship with this planet, and understanding how it works, and becoming aware of the impact our decisions as artists and designers have on our shared future.

Submit your artwork for an Artist Expedition Society curated outdoor exhibition!

Our outdoor exhibitions are cutting edge – taking artworks outdoors for the public to experience. By changing the context of where an artwork is seen, the meaning is also changed.

The Artist Expedition Society is a small business owned and operated by Anna Dakin – our lead artist-guide. 

Anna has a degree in Fine Art Painting from University of The Arts London, and a Masters Degree in Information Experience Design from The Royal College of Art, London. She has been painting and guiding tours in Central Australia since 2014. Her knowledge of the landscape is extensive, and she prides herself on engaging lots of Aboriginal owned businesses on her tours. Anna’s art classes are easy to follow, and are suited to people who are learning to paint for the first time, and to people who have experience in painting or another form of art making.

The Artist Expedition Society operates in Central Australia on Arrente, Luritja, and Anangu Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this beautiful land.